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To and From School


School Bus Services have been operating successfully since 2011. With an ever growing school population these bus services have been ensuring children’s safe and timely journey to and from school since this time. 


Based on their ease of use and parents’ needs, these services have since been expanded to 6 different bus lines with over 300 children using our bus service on a daily basis. The services have sometimes become a victim of their own success with some lines being fully booked and further bus lines being restricted due to bus parking space.

To better meet parents' needs, we also provide door-to-door transport services. These are offered by cooperation partners and more information on these can also be found below.

Find the nearest bus stop from your home


School Bus

Afternoon Departure Times

Monday - Thursday

1st Bus - 15:20h

2nd Bus - 16:25h

3rd Bus - 17:30h


1st Bus - 13:20h

2nd Bus - 16:25h

3rd Bus - 17:30h



Morning Bus  120€/month

(Note: Neu-Isenburg has 24€ surcharge)

The Morning Bus can only be booked for 5 days per week.


Afternoon Bus

(Note: Neu-Isenburg has a 30€/month surcharge)

1 Day - 35€/month

2 Days  - 70€/month

3-5 Days - 105€/month

Can't make the bus?

Let us know until 11.00 am. 

Fees for the selected transport will be charged in 10 equal monthly instalments (September - June) in the following month to the bank account that has been submitted to the European School Frankfurt Parents' Association.

The prices shown will be reduced by 10% for families who register 3 or more children. This reduction will be calculated after registration confirmation.

Bus Change Request

Need to change your child's bus schedule?

Fill out the form to make a weekly or permanent change for the bus.

Please be aware that changes have to be made by Thursday 12.00h the week before, school holidays excluded.





Frankfurt Area



EuroKids provides door to door transport services through our minibus lines which are exclusively available to Parents’ Association members.  

Minibus services have been created based on parent feedback to serve areas which are not covered by our existing bus lines. 

School Arrival Time: 08:15h in the morning

School Departure Time: 15:20h Monday-Thursday,

13:20 Fridays, additional Riedberg line Minibusses 16:25h and 17:30h. 


We hope to extend this to other lines in future, dependent on parent interest. When registering for minibus services, the registration is for 5 days per week and can be booked as a one way or return journey. 


The zones show an approximate overview of our pricing structure. 


Riedberg Area

Frankfurt Area

Oberursel Area

Expression of Interest

One Way per month

199 €

299 €

299 €

At Request

Return per month

329 €

379 €

379 €

At Request

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What parents say about our Transport Service

We are relatively „new“ at ESF as you know. We wanted to just Thank you for the great orga and the service you guys do. My daughter likes it and the way you organize it is great for the kids and parents.

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