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Our Mission

Our purpose is to make a difference in promoting education as well as the international and cultural understanding of children at the European School Frankfurt. This is achieved through shaping the lives of children throughout the provision of Extra Curricular Activities, Childminding, School Bus Services and Holiday Camps.


EuroKids is a charitable limited liability company established in May 2017 by the European School Frankfurt Parents Association.

Your feedback on how we may better benefit the children is always warmly received.

Our Services

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Extra Curricular Activities

Fun, creative and diverse. We offer a wide range of afternoon activities for children of all age groups.

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Childminding is offered for pre-primary, primary and for pupils in the first two years of secondary school from

Monday to Friday.



With an ever growing school population the transport services ensure children’s safe and timely journey to and from school.

Holiday Camps

A variety of activities are available to offer your children an interesting, educational, active and sociable way to spend their holidays.

Keep yourself informed with the most recent updates and news.

Calendar 2024

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