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After School

With an Extra Curricular Activity program as diverse as the students we serve, provide opportunities for ESF students to learn new skills through activities and build lasting relationships with students from across the school.

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From Sports to Creative 
We make sure to offer something for every student.


Children of PP and P1 have their afternoon activities on the school grounds of the ESF in classrooms of the Modular Building and the sports hall.

For P2-S2 children, Most activities take place at EuroKids Village (opposite the ESF main entrance). Some specialist subjects e.g. Lab take place on the ESF grounds-. 

Daily Routines

Children of Nursery/PP and P1 are picked up by the EuroKids team after school at the meeting point outside the Modular Building at Gate M and escorted to the locations where the activities take place.

Students from P2-P3 are accompanied by our childminding team to EuroKids Village.

Students from P4-S2 walk to their activities on their own.

What parents say about our ECAs

Big THANK you to the whole  team for the really incredible job in these really crazy and challenging times! We cherish it and wanted to let you know that all this effort does not remain unnoticed,  on the contrary - we appreciate each and every day the added value of the service and the laughter of the kids, while being part of it!

Useful Information

Extra Curricular Activities start in the 2nd week back to school after the summer break and are exclusively available to European School Frankfurt Parent Association members. 


If your child has been enrolled in activities for the previous school year and they wish to continue once school resumes, there is no need to reapply.

In May Parents with children currently enrolled for activities in 2023-2024 will be contacted with more news on the continuation of activities in 2024-2025 e.g. time/ group changes etc… We appreciate parents informing us as soon as possible in the unlikely event that their child does not wish to continue with an activity for the new school year, this ensures another child has the opportunity to participate.

In June Extra Curricular Activity programme will be released online for new applications. (Places will not be allocated on a first come first served basis.)

Please note the deadline for the cancellation of EuroKids Activities for the new school year.


July & August Activity applications remain open with limited availability.

September (second week back to school) Activity Trial Weeks.



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