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Holiday Camps

Something For Everyone

We offer Holiday Camps for children aged between 4 and 12 during every school holiday, with the exception of the Winter Break. A variety of activities are available to offer children an interesting, educational, active and sociable way to spend their holidays.

Our Camps are run by our EuroKids Team and by our external cooperations partner, Global Education (Childminding Camps). We offer a diverse range of themes for children to choose from, differentiated by age to ensure there is something for everyone.

EuroKids Camps

EuroKids Camps take place at the EuroKids Village in the Dojo, Dance Room, Sportshall or Creative Studio.


Our camps and supervision times are from 8:00h - 18.15h but can vary depending on individual activities.

Snacks will be served to the children.

Childminding Camps

Childminding Holiday Camps take place at EuroKids Village, located opposite the main entrance to the European School Frankfurt.


They normally take place Mondays-Fridays, excluding public holidays, between 8:00h - 18.15h.

Warm meals are included 


Our Camp Activities

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Martial Arts

From Judo & Strong Kids to Capoeira. Get ready for an exciting experience where you will learn some great skills and body coordination.



Also our dance room does not remain empty during the holidays. No matter if Street Jazz or Hip Hop - here the dancer's heart will beat faster.



We also takes care of the artistic aspect in our creative camps. Whether it's handicrafts, drawing or pottery, your hands will certainly not stay clean here.


Tennis, Ball & Racket

Team ball sports such as soccer, field hockey, basketball, and many more. Join this fitness course with qualified trainers for a fun week & great team spirit.

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Come and train with us! This camp is not only focused on improving coordination, strengthening stamina but most importantly, making the game fun and exciting. 

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Ice Skating

Refine your skills on the ice with our team of experienced and dedicated coaches. In addition to technical training, we have planned various enjoyable activities.

Don´t miss our upcoming Camps!

What parents say about our Holiday Camps

"The Kung Fu Panda Dance Camp was a complete success and the children were enthusiastic every day about the exercises they learned with you."

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